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The Matte lip effect

Have you ever gotten that feeling of waking up starting your day with a fresh look, want to look amazing but natural, but not really? Like...your hair is probably presentable or on point at best. But when you take a look in the mirror, your face though beautiful and attractive, lacks something. You apply your foundation. Or don't. It's almost perfect....your eyes are gorgeous but really, your lips draw your attention. Yes! Your lips. You think, " should I wear chapstick, lipgloss or nah...lipstick, too much."

You try chapstick on, blah! You apply your lipgloss, ok. But when you put on your lipstick, the matte finish moisturizing butter soft and smooth gliding ABCbabes one, BOOM 💥. It all clicks. It sticks. It lasts. You are a babe! Classy babe! Cute babe! Conservative babe! Hot babe! Easy on the eyes.

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